Skidmore, Missouri: Part 1

The eastern newspaper reporter headed west in the 1880s to send reports to readers back in the big eastern cities about life in the wild west. A Kansas marshal summed up much of what was going on when he proclaimed; “Some people simply deserve killing.”

And such was the required deed by good citizens who merely wanted live in a civil society. Those patriots waited far too long. They knew the required deed should have been done long before that fateful fatal day when a deserved killing occurred.

Mean & Evil

Ken McElroy: Town Bully

Skidmore City Hall

Skidmore is a small farming town in the northwest corner of
the state of Missouri. In the 1980s, the town had fewer than 450 residents, so
it’s no surprise that the community was close-knit. Despite this closeness, the
town has seen a number of violent crimes that were so heinous and bizarre that
they quickly made national headlines. The first of these crimes was the murder of
47-year-old Ken Rex McElroy on July 10, 1981.

The 15th of 16 children, McElroy was already a
known troublemaker by the time he’d reached his early teens. Held back
repeatedly in school, he dropped out in the 8th grade at the age of 15.
Once he left school, Ken passed his time by stealing practically anything that
wasn’t nailed down. From grain and gasoline to livestock and antiques, if Ken
McElroy wanted it, he…

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