Bill Gates and George Soros Team Up to Form Organization Tasked with Policing with “Disinformation”


The New World Order (NWO) is always busy doing all that is needed to force itself upon the people of the USA and all Western countries. The super-wealthy elites want total control over all governments so that the elites can have their orders backed by the police, legal system and military forces that will FORCE all of us to obey the elite ruling class.

That evil NWO will lead to a hereditary ruling elite that becomes a New Royalty that pays its enforcement arm lackeys very well and those filth will live opulent lives. The rest of us will be serfs, peons and possibly even slaves, especially those of us disobeying the masters above us. That is . . . if they simply do not murder anybody not obeying the overlords or their enforcers. The elites will be the law. And the elites will allow evil people to be the arm of the law. A New Dark Age will rise when the NWO takes control. I fear that the NWO will be assured of victory if current socioeconomic conditions remain in Western countries.

Few folks read more than a sentence or two. Fewer still are those reading a paragraph or two. A minute minority read an essay or more. My efforts art to spread words of warning of what is coming our way. I am stopping here for the reasons just stated. Past and future writings and those of others tell us what must be done to stop the NWO.


Bill Gates and George Soros Team Up to Form Organization Tasked with Policing with “Disinformation” – Big League Politics




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  1. Reblogged this on Disgruntled Old Coot and commented:

    The New World Order is growing in wealth and power daily. The threat to the common folks of the Western world is real and growing. Patriots, prepare for what must be done. Spread the word, inform others of the dangers. Especially crucial is making law enforcement and military personnel aware that they ARE of the masses, not indoctrinated servants of their bureaucrat and politician overlords.

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